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Male. Lives in Toronto, Canada. Born on January 13, 1944.
by on August 21, 2022
With brains and brawn The strength of a bull  Seemed warmth ever full While clothing did flay with fervor yet fey ...
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by on July 13, 2022
Over the course of my lifetime I've noticed that people have their own personal definitions for what makes them a success.    But in most if not just many cases their definition is based on what someone told them the definition should be. I have always felt and believed that when we are born we are given certain innate strengths and weaknesses,  gifts and deficits.....    For me success in life isn't based on money or fame or how many friends I do or don't have;  how much others like or di...
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by on February 17, 2022
UPDATE:  Feb 24, 2022 Was fortunate to find that the condition is benign... There was a lot of worry with emotions changing at least three times a day. As happy as I am that it is benign I am also happy to have gone through this.   It gives me a better understanding of the issues cancer victims and those awaiting the outcome of biopsies go through... ...
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