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UPDATE:  Feb 24, 2022

Was fortunate to find that the condition is benign... There was a lot of worry with emotions changing at least three times a day.

As happy as I am that it is benign I am also happy to have gone through this.   It gives me a better understanding of the issues cancer victims and those awaiting the outcome of biopsies go through...

Thank you Lord for the blessings you've given me.

Feb 10, 2022

Well, here I am awaiting the outcome of a biopsy to determine whether or not I have oral cancer.

It's unnerving to say the least....  my mood changes three times a day...  from sad to 'ok let's deal with it' to 'it's probably just a covid long haul symptom' to 'well, I'm old and I can be a guinea pig'...

Any way you look at it though I do wish it isn't true...  I wish I could just find out that it really isn't cancer at all...  

But all in all it will be God's will and I will adjust ..



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