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Over the course of my lifetime I've noticed that people have their own personal definitions for what makes them a success.    But in most if not just many cases their definition is based on what someone told them the definition should be.

I have always felt and believed that when we are born we are given certain innate strengths and weaknesses,  gifts and deficits.....   

For me success in life isn't based on money or fame or how many friends I do or don't have;  how much others like or dislike me.

For me success is in using as many of the gifts I've been given by God, recognizing the gifts I wasn't given or the weaknesses I was, and figuring out how to use them or work with them to the best of my and everyone's advantage...

That's why when I smile as easily as I have learned to do over the years it is genuine.... it comes from a deep place in my heart, my soul and my gut....    and I hope it makes others as happy as it makes me to be able to smile so often and so genuinely..

I don't know how many years I have  left but I hope I will continue to use all the strengths and weakness my creator gave me whenever the opportunities arise and at the same time keep a watchful eye out for or even create the opportunities to use them that I can make..




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