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An itinerant 1986 single from the iconic Eartha Kitt. 'This is My Life' was wedged in between her camp classic comeback albums 'I Love Men' (1984) and 'I'm Still Here' (1989). This is Kitt at her emphatic best - some sexy, strident and simply unique brand of dance pop. I have used bits and pieces from promotional clips of the singer and a TV performance of 'This Is My Life' to flesh out the brilliant, and longer Ultrasound mix of the song. My friend and contemporary Nick at Nandlmusic on youtube introduced me to some latter Eartha Kitt music and it reignited my fascination with the late great performer. Growing up watching 'Batman' - her 'Catwoman' was so beguiling and transfixing, and then in the 1980's when her gay anthems arrived, I had a sense of who I thought this woman was, but after watching a youtube upload of a Sally Jessie Raphael interview with Eartha Kitt in 1990 was so eye opening. I was so captivated by her stage and screen persona, it never occurred to me that she might be completely different to that image - Eartha Kitt had quite the tragic and traumatic start to life and youth, and her long career was testament to her grit and her talent. The lady comes across as a sweet and gentle soul - yes with that unmistakable laugh, but a vulnerable and tender side. It is worth checking out.

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